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GNC Men’s Staminol Rapid Surge

With a name that just about anyone can recognize, GNC Men’s Staminol Rapid Surge would seem to be an instant hit. After all, we trust the GNC name, which tells us that the people behind this product have been around for more than 50 years. We are therefore more confident that GNC Men’s Staminol Rapid Surge will come closer to matching advertisement claims than most male enhancement supplements.

Speaking of advertisement claims, GNC Men’s Staminol Rapid Surge is said to enhance sexual performance, sexual feeling, and more. GNC Men’s Staminol Rapid Surge promises clinically-proven benefits with ingredients that are safer than the prescription options we’re used to hearing about.

However, we know to never take any supplement on its word, no matter who the manufacturer is, so we’re going to investigate this one, too.

Let’s find out a little more about GNC Men’s Staminol Rapid Surge.

Is GNC Men’s Staminol Rapid Surge Powerful Enough?

staminol rapid surge supplement factsGNC Men’s Staminol Rapid Surge uses ingredients that have been clinically tested. This formula centers on ingredients like yohimbine, horny goat weed, and caffeine anhydrous, all of which can play important parts in male enhancement.

When used correctly, horny goat weed is a more obvious choice than the others—which also have a history of use in weight loss supplements—but all can be used to stimulate the central nervous system, get blood pumping, and T-levels up.

Additionally, by maintaining healthy blood flow throughout the body, caffeine anhydrous can provide a healthy way to maintain or encourage healthy erections. The combine that with yohimbine, which increases blood flow straight the genitals as well as stimulates the pelvic nerve ganglia, and you get a fairly reliable formula for better sexual performance.

However, an effective supplement can be a little bit more complicated than just finding the right ingredients. You also have to have the clinically-proven amounts of each ingredient as well. Many of the ingredients inside Staminol Rapid Surge are in very low concentrations, which may reduce the risk of side effects, but it also reduces effectiveness as well.

My biggest concern, however, is the 300 mg proprietary blend. . .

The Proprietary Blend

GNC Men’s Staminol Rapid Surge uses what’s called a proprietary blend, which is a nice way of saying, “We don’t want to tell you all the facts.” GNC Men’s Staminol Rapid Surge doesn’t list the individual amounts of each ingredient, which usually means that GNC Men’s Staminol Rapid Surge probably doesn’t have the amounts you actually need.

After all, if GNC Men’s Staminol Rapid Surge had a formula with the clinically-proven amounts, why wouldn’t GNC want to advertise that?

Instead, proprietary blends usually disguise large amounts of inexpensive, less effective ingredients, and small amounts of the ones that may actually help you. They get to say they put in the effective ingredients, but don’t have to disclose that they are included in miniscule amounts.

When you divide 300 mg of herbs among 5 different ingredients, you can guess that the concentrations are going to be fairly low.

How to Use GNC’s Staminol Rapid Surge

As with so many other supplements, this “rapid” surge formula will supposedly act fast. According to manufacturers, all you have to do is take Men’s Staminol Rapid Surge an hour before sexual activity to see results.

While an hour may seem pretty darn fast in the diet supplement world, it makes it a bit difficult to have a “spur of the moment” evening of romance. You have to plan when to take your pill to get the best results, and if you take it too late, the mood may already be gone by the time the ingredients actually kick in.

Some consumers recommend taking GNC Men’s Staminol Rapid Surge right before dinner rather than before sexual activity, even if sexual activity doesn’t occur until 4 or 5 hours later.

If you frequently experience erectile dysfunction, on the other hand, then you’ll want to consult your doctor for a long-term solution rather than a quick fix.

What About Side Effects?

With the ingredient concentrations being as low as they are, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the side effects are almost nonexistent for men. Consumers should keep in mind, however, that this supplement is designed specifically for men and for improving male sexual performance.

If taken by a woman, GNC Men’s Staminol Rapid Surge may result in the following negative side effects: acne, hair loss, hair growth on the face, aggressiveness, irritability, and increased levels of estrogen.

Some consumer reviews also report symptoms of rapid or irregular heart beat, cold sweats, and dry mouth – this could be a result of the caffeine or the yohimbe or both, so be careful.

Buying the Formula

GNC Men’s Staminol Rapid Surge is available via a wide number of online supplement sites, such as for $39.99, but if you’re going to buy this product, then I suggest going to Though the price is the same, it comes with a 30 day guarantee if you buy directly from the manufacturers, so if it doesn’t work, you can always return it for a full refund. Not all sites offer this financial cushion of protection, so double check the return policies before you buy the formula.

Our GNC Men’s Staminol Rapid Surge Conclusion

GNC Men’s Staminol Rapid Surge may seem appealing at first. After all, the GNC name, coupled with clinically-proven ingredients seems like a no-lose situation. However, finding the right supplement can be a little bit more complicated than that. A product has to have a full formula that provides all of the facts with clinically-proven ingredients and the clinically-proven amounts.

GNC Men’s Staminol Rapid Surge uses tactics that create just enough doubt for us to ask, “Is GNC Men’s Staminol Rapid Surge really all that great? Does GNC Men’s Staminol Rapid Surge even have a chance against other natural supplements, let alone powerful prescriptions like Viagra?” So far, GNC Men’s Staminol Rapid Surge really doesn’t seem to be on as solid ground as we would like to think under the right circumstances.

Instead, we recommend you look at some of the top-rated male enhancement products on this site to get an idea of what the right product will do.

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Herbert T Jackson
3 years 6 months ago

I really needs something really works for my ED problem.

3 years 6 months ago

Hello Herbert, the most effective supplement we have seen for ED is Zytenz. You can read our review of it here:

Hope that helps!


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