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Libido Max for Women Review

She doesn’t desire you anymore. Yes, she loves you – but she’s never in the mood for sex.

Don’t worry guys, it’s not “you”, it’s her libido. Just like men who experience erectile difficulty and lack of sexual interest, women also receive an occasional hit to their arousal, particularly as they age.

Libido Max for Women promises to give back the woman you first met by turning back on her lust and passion, stimulating her physically so she’s more able to receive pleasure from you and orgasm quicker, and improve her overall libido.

And all this in an all-natural capsule that’s completely safe. After all, her health is more important than your sex drive, right?

So if you’re on this site for a male enhancement product for you, why not look into one for her too? Is Libido Max for Women the one?

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The Ingredients Inside Libido Max for Women

A sexual enhancement product is only as good as its ingredients. Libido Max for Women contains three “Proprietary Blends” containing ingredients such as:

Maca Powder (Root) and Ashwagandha Powder (Root)–to take passion to new heights with improved libido and blood flow. A boost in blood flow in men improves erection capacity. In women it increases sensation so each touch is more thrilling!

Asian Ginseng Extract–has been used medicinally for centuries for its ability to increase sexual energy, endurance and passion.

Epimedium (epimedium sagittatum), or “Horny Goat Weed” is, as its name suggests, a natural aphrodisiac, turning on the pleasure center in the brain and boosting arousal.

Tribulus Extract–is used frequently in male enhancement products for its ability to alleviate stressors which lower testosterone levels.

L Tyrosine–effects mood, calming and relaxing you and putting you in a sensual state. L Tyrosine is also beneficial to thyroid health, giving a boost to energy and metabolism.

Long Pepper Extract and DMG–thought to heighten arousal and sexual mood.

Bioperine–a patented ingredient used in top-rated supplements to increase the effectiveness and speed in which a product’s formula works.

Libido Max for Women Side Effects

Here’s the interesting thing—quite a substantial amount of the ingredients found in Libido Max for Women are commonly used in male enhancement products. This is due to their ability to increase testosterone levels, leading to male sexual aggression, stamina and physical strength.

We’re not sure how we feel about the use of ingredients like Tribulus in a female product.

Your mate should never use a female libido product if she has serious health issues. Please have her consult her physician prior to use if you have any concerns.

Libido Max for Women Price and Refund Policy

Libido Max is manufactured by “Applied Nutrition”, and sold through various retail merchants online. Shop for the lowest price. We found Libido Max for Women for only $23.99.

Most merchants do not offer a refund policy on opened merchandise.

Will Libido Max for Women Work?

We have to say, probably not. Libido Max for Women looks and seems like a product you’d buy cheaply in your local drugstore, and wind up tossing under the bathroom sink.

Consumer opinion regarding Libido Max for Women is not complimentary. Most women received no benefits from using it. We’re not really surprised considering the ingredients and proprietary blend delivery.

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