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Sta-Hard Cream

Premature ejaculation may not be a topic you’re keen to discuss, but if it’s a problem you face, it’s likely something that’s on your mind quite a bit, as well as your partner’s.
The way to a longer-lasting erection and a more satisfying sexual experience may not be far away, however. At least that’s what makers of Colt Sta-Hard Cream would like you to believe.
Colt Sta-Hard Cream is said to be able to help you achieve and hold an erection throughout your entire sexual experience, and possibly even longer. Let’s take a look at the ingredients and see if Colt Sta-Hard Cream has staying power or if it will leave you wanting more.

What Does Sta-Hard Cream Do?

Sta-Hard Cream uses three natural ingredients that will help you achieve an erection and sustain it for longer periods of time. We’ll go over what these are and what they do.

L-Arginine is one of 20 common naturally-occurring amino acids, and the one most associated with nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide is a molecule responsible for dilating and widening the blood vessels, which allows more blood to flow to the extremities, including the penis. Incidentally, it also facilitates nutrient flow to the muscles, so if you are interested in bodybuilding, this ingredient performs double duty.
Ginseng is an herb long used as an aphrodisiac. The sweet smell is said to trigger sexual excitement in the brain, and when ingested, supporters believe it improves libido by allowing the body to respond to stress without lowering sex drive. Studies have not verified these effects, but the likelihood that it is effective has been acknowledged by the National Institutes of Health as well as the Maryland University Medical Center.
Benzocaine is a local anesthetic most commonly associated with over-the-counter throat lozenges, but has been included in some condoms and male enhancement supplements to delay ejaculation. However, it does so by desensitizing the penis, which can result in a lack of satisfaction and an erection that lasts longer than is desirable.

Does Sta-Hard Cream Work?

Of these three ingredients, arginine and ginseng are likely to work; the effects of benzocaine are less simple to predict.
However, Sta-Hard Cream suffers from two things—first, it is in a proprietary blend and therefore it is impossible to know whether or not the ingredient composition is strong enough to work. Second, as a topical cream, the effects of these ingredients will be less potent than they would be in oral form.
Unfortunately, tests done by the Sex Pill Insider have shown that the traces of ginseng and arginine in Sta-Hard Cream are miniscule, rendering it largely ineffective. For this reason, they have given the pill the grade of C.

Purchasing Sta-Hard Cream

If you are still interested in Sta-Hard Cream, you have a few options when it comes to purchase.

Sta-Hard Cream was designed by California Exotic Novelties, and retails there for $10.99 plus shipping and handling, for a tube of two ounces. If you’ve had success with Sta-Hard Cream, you can order it in a 24-pack for $8.99, which is curiously cheaper than the single bottle.

It is available elsewhere as well, but you will be getting the best deal through California Exotic Novelties.

Our Opinion

It seems that there are no negative side-effects associated with this product. However, this may be in large part due to the fact that there are no user reviews available for the product.

Additionally, just because it retails for only $10.99 is not a good reason to purchase Sta-Hard Cream. There is no satisfaction guarantee and we believe that in this case, you get what you pay for; a cheap product for a cheap price.

We would not recommend purchasing this product. If you do, you will essentially be buying cough syrup for your sex life.

We believe there are other products on the market that can produce more effective and proven results. Try looking out for those instead, and finding a product that contains both ginseng and L-arginine in the appropriate amounts.

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