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Steel Libido for Women Review

Sometimes women are forgotten when it comes to sexual dysfunction. However, rest assured that there are products that are out there for you.

Specifically, there are natural sexual enhancers to help with your low libido and sex drive. Men are not the only ones that struggle with sexual problems, after all. There are many reasons that women suffer from a low libido, and the reasons are as numerous as the solutions.

Motherhood can put a real kink in the intimacy life, for example. The demands of a mother can be overwhelming and the hormones are running on empty. Menopause is another reason women suffer from a low libido. With hormones increasing and decreasing, it is hard to keep the sex drive going.

Steel Libido for Women is designed as an answer to these problems. Said to help support energy levels to boost sexual arousal and intimacy, this is a two part formula with L-histidine for orgasm support and potent herbs for libido. The first punch enhances the sexual drive and libido. The second punch enhances the intensity of the female orgasm.

As previously stated, women’s sexual problems have been overlooked for a long time and now there are different sexual enhancement products on the market that are addressing these problems. Those little blue pills for men are gaining popularity and it is time for women’s supplements to become popular. Let’s find out if Steel Libido for Women can make a difference in your love life.

How Does Steel Libido for Women Do It?

Maca Root and Ashwagandha—used for vitality and vigor
L-Tyrosine—supports energy levels and to boost intimacy
L-Histidine—supports energy levels
Choline—supports mood and energy levels
Bioperine Complex— a black pepper extract. This will increase the absorption of other nutrients in the formula, as well as create heat within your body.
Horny goat weed—this ingredient has been used in Far East medicine for supporting healthy sexual activity. However, its effects have been primarily observed in men.

How to Use this Product

The dosage can be taken on a daily basis for maintenance.

You are instructed to take 4 liquid soft gels in divided doses. For more immediate responses prior to intimacy take 4 liquid soft gels one hour before activity. These liquid soft gels are supposed to release quicker into your system for a faster response but do not take more than 4 per day.


• All natural ingredients
• Designed for women
• Liquid soft gels for quicker response time


• No clinical evidence it works
• Expensive
• No money back guarantee

Our Opinion

Steel Libido for Women is a natural sexual enhancement product that may focus on a woman’s libido. However, the ingredients in this formula are no different than what is contained in many male enhancement products. If this is special for women this product is missing the mark. The ingredients are not strong enough to make a noticeable difference in libido. With no clinical evidence that this product works it is hard to recommend it.

Steel Libido for Women retails for $27.95 put can be found on various websites for as low as $14.48. There are several different third party websites that sell this product so you may want to check around for the best price. Since there is no money back guarantee that goes with Steel Libido for Women you may want to find the cheapest price.

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