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Virilis Pro Review

The male enhancer, Virilis Pro, is promised to make you more of a man. Virilis Pro advertising suggests increased sexual satisfaction through pictures of women gazing longingly into their man’s eyes.

Purported to increase sexual performance, Virilis Pro supposedly boosts libido and intensifies overall sexual experience.

I looked into Virilis Pro to see if it really delivers.

What’s in Virilis Pro?

Virilis Pro’s formula is a 450 mg proprietary blend of 6 ingredients.

Epimedium, better known as “horny goat weed,” is often used to improve male sexual performance. In a 2007 clinical study epimedium improved penile erection in rats.[1]

Epimedium’s effect on humans has not yet been tested.

Tribulus terrestris is commonly believed to enhance libido and sexual performance by raising testosterone levels. However, clinical evidence is confusing.

A 2002 clinical study involving castrated rats found tribulus terrestris facilitated testosterone production, resulting in better sexual performance.[2]

However, tribulus terrestris doesn’t have any effect on testosterone production in humans.[3] Consequently, tribulus terrestris’ influence on libido remains debatable.

Panax ginseng is used to treat male sexual dysfunction.[4]

However, while animal research is promising, ginseng’s effect on humans is not clinically proven.[5]

Rhodiola rosea is proven to improve mood, inhibit fatigue, and enhance work performance.[6]

It’s unclear whether these effects result in better sexual performance.

Lycium Chinese, also known as goji berry, is proven to raise sexual hormone levels in rat testes.[7] This resulted in better erections, sperm quantity, and motility.[7]

Yohimbe acts a vasodilator, opening blood vessels and allowing more blood to reach penile tissue, resulting in better erections.[8][9]

How to Use Virilis Pro

Take 1 capsule 30 minutes before sexual activity.

For best results, take 2 hours after eating.

Is Virilis Pro Safe to Use?

Epimedium and lycium Chinese decrease blood pressure and should not be taken by individuals taking medications for high blood pressure[10][11] The resulting interaction could lower blood pressure to dangerous levels.

Also, yohimbe causes serious side effects such as irregular heartbeat, seizure, and heart attack.[12] While doses of 15 -30 mg are considered safe, higher doses increase side effect risks.

Individual Virilis Pro ingredient dosage information is currently unavailable.

Purchasing Virilis Pro

Virilis Pro can be purchased online from various vendors. For example, a 10-serving Virilis Pro can be purchased online from for $27.99 plus $4.95 shipping.

Alternatively, a 2-servoing pack can be purchased from for $4.58 plus $6.99 shipping.

Final Thoughts on Virilis Pro

Virilis Pro is a mixed bag. On one hand, some of its ingredients are proven to improve erections. Also, the product is priced fairly.

However, other ingredients are not proven and can cause serious side effects. Also, there are no objective user reviews testifying to the product’s effectiveness.

Virilis Pro may work for you. I personally don’t like to use an unproven male enhancer, no matter the price.


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