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Vitrix Review

Anyone can talk about boosting testosterone and enhancing sex drive, but there are few that can actually do it. Nutrex Vitrix promises all dieters a superior formula with clinically proven ingredients, specifically including something called tribulus terrestis.

More specifically, makers of Nutrex Vitrix seem to think that their product has the highest possible amounts of this one ingredient, which isn’t a bad thing. Based on what we have seen so far though, there are no limits on the doses of this ingredient.

Most pills seem to use about 200mg, but that doesn’t mean that higher doses are dangerous or unnecessary. Actually, studies seem to show us that the more tribulus you get, the better off you are, period, end of story.

How Important is Tribulus Terrestis?

This one ingredient has been used in various capacities. Tribulus seems to be a strong testosterone booster which does actually improve sex drive. When used properly by men of course, this ingredient boosts your ability to build muscle, achieve a healthy erection, and more. If anything, this is one of the more remarkable products we have seen.

The only thing left to wonder about is the so called “skyrocketing doses” of this one ingredient and anything else that this formula might have to add.

Does Nutrex Vitrix Have More Tribulus?

Nutrex Vitrix uses an ingredient that has been clinically proven in the past to promote certain positive effects, as long as you use certain doses. Depending on your weight, you might need higher doses, starting at 1000mg, which can be found in Nutrex Vitrix.

What an improvement upon the norm that we are used to. Of course, if you weigh more than 150 or maybe 200 pounds, you will need more than 1000mg. Naturally, you can just take more Nutrex Vitrix, but let’s take one final look and see what the other ingredients are.

Is Tribulus Safe?

The most common side effect associated with Tribulus Terrestris is stomach upset and nausea, which may be controlled by taking it with food. It is not meant to be taken by women, as it can result in side effects such as a deeper voice and mood swings.

Nutrex Vitrix’s Other Ingredients

Nutrex Vitrix uses other ingredients such as avena sativa and epimedium, both of which have been proven to increase testosterone. In addition, epimedium is actually considered to be a natural sexual enhancer made exclusively for men. Nutrex Vitrix may not be the strongest formula. We have certainly seen more extensive blends, but this blend has the right base.

Is Nutrex Vitrix Made for Healthy Male Enhancement?

Nutrex Vitrix uses ingredients that have been clinically proven time and time again to enhance sexual performance and pleasure. Tribulus alone has a potent testosterone enhancing effect when used properly. Added to the other ingredients, especially epimedium, we are not surprised at just how popular this blend has become.

However, if you really want the testosterone boosting and sexual enhancing effects of Nutrex Vitrix, we would base your dose on your size, not makers’ recommendations. Unfortunately, studies continue to show that This is the only way to get the true effects of tribulus.

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    March 4, 2014 at 8:58 am
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      Gerald, this is a question to ask your doctor, as safety depends on the ingredients used in both products.

      March 4, 2014 at 10:59 am

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